Does 2 Chronicles 15:13 tell Christians to kill non-believers?

The Question: Does 2 Chronicles 15:13 tell Christians to kill non-believers? It says: “All who would not seek the LORD, the God of Israel, were to be put to death…”

This is a popular piece of scripture many people misquote and attempt to say it means that God calls Christians to kill non-believers.

Well first off it’s important to look at the whole chapter so you can see what is really being said here. 2 Chronicles 15:1-15 details how Asa, the king of Judah, and the people of Judah and Benjamin, had strayed away from the God of Israel but had now turned back to the Lord in times of great distress. It goes on further to say that in their repentance they made a covenant between themselves and God to:

“…seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and with all their soul, 13 but that whoever would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, should be put to death” (2 Chronicles 15:12-13)

They were not by any means saying all people who don’t believe in God should be killed, they were saying: we as individuals and as a group are committing to seek and follow God and if we don’t follow through on this covenant we make with God, we should be put to death.

Deuteronomy 17:2-5 is another passage people claim where the Bible says non-believers should be killed. In the same way this is talking about people either of the Israel/Jewish nation or living as a part of their culture, who have made a covenant to follow God. This is not saying they were to go out and kill non-believers.

Now, there are indeed other places in the Bible where God commands the destruction of entire nations, however nowhere does it state that God commands his followers to kill all non-believers. There is certainly a great deal of war and fighting in the Bible, but that doesn’t mean God is violent or bloodthirsty, that is a result of evil being in the world and our own actions.

If you actually read the Bible, you will see throughout that nothing is more prevalent than God’s love towards all peoples and his desire to have a personal and meaningful relationship with each one. That doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen to ‘good’ people or that God will magically make our lives ‘perfect’ if we follow Him. We are still responsible for our actions and have to deal with the consequences of them and of living in a world dominated by evil.

God desires all to be saved and reconciled to Him (1 Timothy 2:4, 2 Peter 3:9), and despite how people may try to twist or manipulate specific passages of Scripture to suit their point of view, all I have to do is look at other areas of scripture to gain context as to what is actually being said or to gain an understanding of God so I can know for sure what is not being said, even if I may not understand what is being said.

know without doubt, that God does in fact not command his followers to kill non-believers. God sent his son to pay the ultimate price so that we have a chance to be reconciled with him. He did not send Jesus to condemn us, but to save us (John 3:17). He doesn’t preach a message of judgement or death, but of mercy, life and love.





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  1. Then you would say that all of these verses were out of context correct? www(dot)bibliotecapleyades(dot)net/biblianazar/esp_biblianazar_81.htm

  2. how are you going to say God commanded destruction of whole nations but is not violent? you don’t make any sense. seems kind of religiously fanatical to me

    1. It referred to believers who become non believers, those who’ve traded the gift of God’s grace for their own selfish desires.
      Not that Christians; (Followers of Christ should go out killing non believers
      It is not for man to be judging man, for all have been provided with free will, it is for God, for He is the reader of hearts, knowing the enter most thoughts before we ourselves know, 1 Timothy 2:4
      John 6:44-47
      This is Not A Duplicate comment!

  3. In Luke 19:27 Jesus clearly says:
    “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.”

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, we appreciate it.

      You are absolutely correct, Jesus does indeed say those word’s, however I have to point out you seem to be making the common error of cherry-picking a specific verse and claiming it ‘means’ this and this or ‘proves’ some point or view, whereas if you take a few moments to read the previous section it should be fairly obvious the point or view you are claiming this verse makes is incorrect.

      For example, why even take the whole verse, why not just take the two words ‘Kill them’ from Luke 19:27 and then we could just say that this ‘clearly’ means God commands us to kill everyone…

      Seems crazy, right? And I would certainly agree. It’s equally crazy in my opinion trying to take a sentance or in many cases even a whole paragraph and then claiming that ‘clearly’ is a ‘command’ to do such and such without reading or understanding what was written before/after.

      So, I could certainly write an article on Luke 19:27 however it’s a fairly straightforward and simple parable to explain and it’s not difficult to see that Jesus is certainly not telling His followers to kill unbelievers in any way, so I’ll just explain it here briefly.

      Luke 19:11-27 is a parable Jesus is telling Zacchaeus and the disciples about how we spend our time on earth. He uses an illustration/story of a nobleman who leaves his kingdom for a time to be made ruler in another kingdom (depicting Jesus returning to Heaven where he is crowned king before returning to earth) and the servants left in the original kingdom (earth) while the ruler is away. It also mentions those subjects who oppose the ruler, “…sending a delegation after him to say, ‘we don’t want this man to be our king’ “. The parable talks about how some of the servants used what the ruler had provided them wisely, being good stewards, and others not so much. At the end when the ruler finally returns, those who were responsible with the time and resources were rewarded, and those who squandered them were left with nothing. It also mentions that those who completely rejected the ruler were destroyed, which is indeed what the Bible says will happen to those who don’t accept Christ’s rule when He returns again.

      So, it should be fairly plain that this is indeed not a call to ‘kill non-believers’ if you actually read the parable instead of looking at a single verse.

      If it’s the truth you are looking for, I’d strongly recommend actually reading everything through and not taking my or anyone elses words as ‘fact’ or ‘truth’. I’m guessing that what happened here is you simply did a google search or something of ‘where the bible says to kill non-believers’ and came up with that verse, and then copied it in to ‘prove’ a point? That’s an okay tactic to take if you are not interested in finding the truth and are just looking to placate yourself or something along those lines, however if you genuinely want to know what the Bible actually teaches and says then the only real way to do that is to read it through 🙂

      I’ll also add that picking verses out of context or taking culteral/time-period issues out of context are very shallow ‘arguments’ and incredibly easy to counter. If your goal is to legitimately argue against the ‘Bible’ and ‘Christianity’ then I’d STILL recommend you read it through thourougly and study up on the history and culture as only then would you even be in a position with adequate knowledge of the subject matter to put forward any coherant arguement.

      Of course I’m banking that through your study and research to that end God would reveal some truth to you and lead you into a deeper understanding and maybe you would come to know him 😉 but that’s a risk you may have to take!

      1. Well that is a slippery-slope fallacy ending with Pascal’s wager. It seems disingenuous calling this “cherry picking” when it is a complete and well-formed statement. Why do you not directly answer the question instead of trying to dissect it and product red herrings.
        “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” is the statement. Can you directly address that?

        1. Hi Andrew, thanks for taking the time to comment. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your question but is not:

          “Luke 19:11-27 is a parable Jesus is telling Zacchaeus and the disciples about how we spend our time on earth. He uses an illustration/story of a nobleman who leaves his kingdom for a time to be made ruler in another kingdom (depicting Jesus returning to Heaven where he is crowned king before returning to earth) and the servants left in the original kingdom (earth) while the ruler is away. It also mentions those subjects who oppose the ruler, “…sending a delegation after him to say, ‘we don’t want this man to be our king’ “. The parable talks about how some of the servants used what the ruler had provided them wisely, being good stewards, and others not so much. At the end when the ruler finally returns, those who were responsible with the time and resources were rewarded, and those who squandered them were left with nothing. It also mentions that those who completely rejected the ruler were destroyed, which is indeed what the Bible says will happen to those who don’t accept Christ’s rule when He returns again.

          So, it should be fairly plain that this is indeed not a call to ‘kill non-believers’ if you actually read the parable instead of looking at a single verse.”

          The direct response to that statement? I guess what I’m saying is if we are just looking through the Bible at statements and claiming any/all statements are true and what God commands us to do, then we have to go back to Mosaic law and not wearing clothes of two different materials (Leviticus 19:19 and Deuteronomy 22:11) just as an example, because that is a ‘statement’ in the Bible (along with many others of course), so, without context taking any single statement from the Bible and claiming we need to follow that or God commands that particular thing doesn’t make any sense. If you read it in it’s entirety into the New Testament, it’s clear the the sacrifice of Christ fulfilled the old laws, thus freeing us from having to follow things like the two fabric ‘statement’ for example.

          I get that’s a simple and arbitrary example to use but I think it’s perfectly valid regardless. In the same manner, if you take the statement “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” and just say that statement with no context PROVES that God calls His people to kill any unbelievers or whatnot, I think you are just seeing what you wish to see and ignoring all else as clearly if you read that passage that’s not what it means.

          That would be like you going to a park and coming across a sign that says “All dogs must be leashed.” and you deciding that what that means is all dogs, everywhere, at all times must be leashed. Sure, the sign DOES indeed have that statement written on it, but obviously there is a context to which it’s applied.

          It’s foolish to expect people to apply statements without context in any other area, it doesn’t make any sense why we would attempt to apply that logic/reasoning to the Bible either, at least from everything I can see…

          Hope that was coherent and that you find God on your journey!


    2. Need to understand the content, not merely pick and choose, take apart to fit one’s own way of reasoning.
      Here in lay the major problem for Jesus warned to be watchful the many who in the final part of days of this worldly system would be coming many false in His Name, misleading many; Matthew 24:3-5
      Jesus taught hope in the Heavenly Kingdom, one Christians pray come and do here on earth as done in Heaven; Mt.6:10
      Rev.12:7-22 tells what had been done in Heaven.
      Read Da.12:4,6-8, 9,10
      Then Da. 2:28-44
      These are those times to unseal the secrets .
      It’s all in learning accurate knowledge from God’s Word to understand this earth was created for a purpose of being the paradise home for mankind.
      God is not going allow any to thwart His planes.
      Psalm 37:8-12,29

  4. Thank you VERY much for this insightful commentary. This exact chapter (and likewise, the issue) came up in church today and I admit I struggled to try to explain this same argument. I was trying to argue that God would not have ordered them to slaughter those that would not seek him and that view would be in direct conflict with the teachings of Jesus. I agree there are times that God ordered the destruction of entire nations but that’s because of their collective wickedness. God wants everyone to CHOOSE to follow him and we win more hearts by example than force. Jesus’s teachings weren’t only correct but they were also wise. I only hope to help people correctly so thank you for helping me with a better way of understanding it.

    1. You express a kind and carry heart, it’s those such as yourself our God, seeks, knowing your hearts desire in wanting to learn His purposes, then turns you over to His Son .
      This can be found in John 6:44-47
      Jesus taught hope, that being the Heavenly Kingdom, how it was going to bring to end all these worldly Kingdoms
      ( government arrangements, )
      It was never God’s intention that man should rule over man, only His opposer, deceiving and blinding minds of believers, yes, Satan himself, the master of deception, can cause a dog turd appear as bright as a Demond, and having people fight over it.
      There are many passages telling how conditions of this earth is going to be when it all comes to fruition.
      It’s called Good News of God’s Kingdom, now being trumpeted world over, by followers of Christ Jesus who told His followers to continue with this good news, that seekers would know, hope is not lost, but assured, there are those doing so today, freely, teaching just as Jesus did ; Matthew 24:14
      Our God is also known by name,
      In fact in Matthew 6:9 it tells;
      “ You must pray this way,
      Our God in Heaven, let your Kingdom come and and let your name be sanctified.
      ( made Holy)
      In Psalm of the King James Bible 83:18 you’ll find it reads as being Jehovah
      And in the Book of Isaiah 43:10 it tells how Jehovah has a people for His name back then, just as He dies today, known as; Jehovah’s Witnesses.
      Sharing this good news with all desiring to learn from His Word.
      There are passages telling in days of old how in the end times His knowledge would become brighter, like streams of refreashing waters flowing when many would be fleeing to Jehovahs mountain.
      What better blessing could man ever attain than knowing we have the promise of living life free from all this suffering, pain and death, that there’s going to be a resurrection of the dead, able seeing our loved ones again
      Revelation 21:3,4
      Yes, it’s all there in His teachings.
      Here’s what means everlasting life;
      John 17:3
      Didn’t mean being so long winded.
      James 4:8, remain prayerful and be blessed.

  5. But if god is all powerful, why not just snap his enemies out of existence instead of using people to murder other human beings including kids? ‘Put to death’ in any context just shows an involvement of a human element. Either god is not powerful enough or just doesn’t exist. Just like every other god that christians choose not to believe.

    1. Hi Gihan, thanks for taking the time to comment, always appreciated!

      So I think the question/argument you are making is touched on a little bit in two different articles: and however if I understand you correctly, what you are saying is this: ‘If God did exist and was all powerful, He wouldn’t allow evil to exist, He wouldn’t allow bad things to happen to good people, etc. etc, so if He even does exist, then He isn’t all powerful as we obviously have a ton of evil in the world.’ is that correct?

      This is a question/argument that has certainly been asked before by many other people and there are a lot of great articles on it such as: and and are a few that you might find useful.

      I have it on my list to write an article on this exact topic as well but the general gist of what I think it comes down to is this: free will. If God ‘destroys’ all evil immediately, then by that standard there would be no humans left because we all are ‘evil’ at some point or do ‘evil’ things at some point (this point is of course assuming there is such as thing as Good/Evil which requires a moral standard from a higher entity to begin with but that is sort of a different topic). So then IF God is indeed ‘good’ (whatever good means) and doesn’t want us, his creations to be destroyed and wants a relationship with us, then there needs to be a way for us to be reconciled to Him, which is where Jesus and the sacrifice He made comes into play, however if we are all destroyed instantly because God ‘snaps his enemies out of existence’ (as we are all enemies of God at some point) then there is no chance for us to CHOOSE to be reconciled to God. Now, the other question that comes up in my mind then is this: ‘Well what about God destroying his enemies at the current time, God has ‘some’ people who are reconciled to Him right now, so why not just destroy everyone but those people?’ but if God is ‘good’ and ‘fair’ then that doesn’t give other’s a fair chance to accept His way of reconciliation. That then leads to the point of ‘Well God exists outside of time and controls time, why not then destroy all the enemies of God throughout all time, and save the ones who have chosen, will choose, etc. to be reconciled?’ Which is essentially exactly what God is doing and says He will do 😉

      So, if God is real and all powerful, but also wants His creation to be reconciled with Him, what other option would He have but to let us ‘live’ this life with the existence of evil, with the option to choose Him if we decide too? You could I suppose say, well God, being God, ‘knows’ everyone that would choose Him so why doesn’t he just save us the pain/suffering/difficulty of living this life with all the bad things in it and just ‘grant’ the people who He knows will choose Him eternal life and reconciliation without them having to go through the process? However that then isn’t choice anymore, nor is there any relationship developed between us and God through that process which leads us to choose him in the first place, so that wouldn’t make much sense either that I can see…

      Anyway, hopefully some of that made sense and was useful to you! Take care.

      1. Hello Timothy,
        I respectfully take exception with what your saying in that you say ; “ all are evil”
        We’ve all done bad things, but does not in itself make us bad, or evil.
        There’s no difference between any human living, other than coming from different circumstances, and yes, race and color, but not different as far as the term human being.
        In your verbiage you’ve made comment as if questioning if even a God exist or not.
        I’ve personally concluded He does and above all that is.
        As recorded within His Word, in the beginning all was perfect.
        Only requiring mankind rely on His instructions on how best choosing living our lives., either listening to Him or deciding for ourselves what was right or wrong.
        Now enter the resister, Lucifer the fallen angel wanting recognition to himself,
        The father of the lie, Satan, master deceiver
        It was Adam failing not Eve as taught by many faith leaders, and it’s on this path now countless are being blinded and mislead, this people would know by reading what’s written as to what’s being told and preached in churches world over.
        1 Timothy 2:12
        Sure God could had ended it all as soon as Adam failed standing strong, doing as God had said, but how would that prove who would be true and those not when test come rolling in by Satan, in his attempt turning man against their Heavenly Fathers demands?
        So, now man has lost their paradise home, for through one man sinned, all mankind has sinned, being born through an imperfect mold.
        Nothing now in this present system would perfection ever to become a reality.
        It was going to take a perfect life to redeem a perfect life lost.
        Now enter God’s first of all creation, His Son Jesus freely offering to give of Himself for the sake of fulfilling His Fathers purpose of having this earth be that paradise home that all mankind can live forever in, free from all pain, suffering and dearth as it’s currently being lived in..
        Man having been provided free will to chose how they wanted living their lives, we can decide to live for ourselves, satisfying our wants, or live for our Heavenly Father, following His Sons example.
        Scriptures teach not all go to heaven, only a numbers account of the 144,000, ones serving as Kings and Priest being with Jesus as King of His Fathers Heavenly Kingdom, others to live here in earth forever.
        This is what’s in the teachings, but not what preachers are teaching, here in lay the problem just as said would be occurring .
        1 Tim.2:4 it’s God’s will that all attain to an accurate knowledge and learn and be saved .
        And in John 17:3 tells, “This means everlasting life that they learn about the only true God and the one He sent forth, Jesus Christ.
        Now! The question;
        “ Who’s going to be doing the teaching?”
        Recall Jesus was sent here to free man from the original sin, and to teach the hope in the Heavenly Kingdom,”
        How through it, was going to bring to end all these worldly governments, or, Kingdoms.
        Question, when would this be and how would we know when it’s arrival was getting near?
        Signs would be showing as told in Mt.24:3-5, the first in importance, then 6-14-24
        and Ti.3:1-5
        It’s what’s prayed for in; Mt.6:10
        Then if we read in Da.12:2,4-6,8,9,10
        Now to Da.2:28-44
        Psalm 37:8-11,29, Isa.45;18-21
        SureGid could had ended it all, but He had to allow it to play out, have man’s Faith tested.
        Christians are not to go and kill those unbelieving,
        But for those who’ve been provided all the teachings having turned to God then turning away from Him, we’ll those are the ones to be dealt with according to the Word, yet, even in that we don’t know just how it’s going to be played out.

        1. Hi Richard, yes I suppose that would depend on your definition of ‘Evil’. As Paul says, (I’m paraphrasing) “The Good in me which I want to do, I don’t do, and the bad (evil) in me which I don’t want to do, that I do. O wretched man that I am!”… When I say we are all ‘evil’ I mean we are all struggling (as Paul was) with the two forces that vie for control within us. I don’t believe there is any Scriptural argument anyone can make to say we are ‘basically good’ people; which is what a lot of ‘modern’ doctrine teaches… Rather it would seem to be the opposite, that since the fall of mankind we are ‘basically bad’ people, in the sense that we continually go astray from how God instructs us to live and walk away from a relationship with God, just like BOTH Adam and Eve choose to do. I also don’t think you can say it was JUST Adam or JUST Eve, as they both made the choice.

          The bottom line I believe is that it’s only by God’s mercy and grace that we have any hope of redemption and the forgiveness of sins we all need, and also the only hope we have of overcoming that ‘sinful’ nature that separates us from God.

    2. All have free will, to freely chose how we want living our lives, living by faith.
      The challenge was made when Jehovah’s opposer said he could turn all humans against him.
      So if God elected to end it all right there, how would He know if what Satan said would be or not, He had to let events play out, giving Satan a free hand, doing what ever in turning mankind against their creator.
      Recall there were countless of heavenly angels looking on.
      I myself readily admit there are many things I have a difficult time wrapping my head around making sense of, but then I conclude; “ Who am I to question my maker, for I do believe there had to be an intelligent force behind all this, and if I knew assuredly, then how could faith ever be entered in.
      So in that I personally choose to believe there is a purpose for it all and from what Iv learned is enough to know we have a creator of love who created with purpose and has made His purposes known through His inspired Word.
      What sold me is how all the prophecies foretold, all came to be just as said they would.
      Some forty Writers, all living in different time period’s ,never collaborating together.
      And why would a God of live permit the killing of countless?
      You tell me if you know, for I don’t .
      I believe there’s an evil force driving events of such great proportions, it’s beyond all human comprehension, and I know of nothing else coming close in explaining not only the causes, but also the conclusion where Iv been led to except it’s by faith all must live by, knowing something bigger then us is in control and to just leave it all in the hands of our almighty God.
      I can tell any assuredly it’s helped make me the better person as Iv seen as well for others..
      So, believe what one will, but before tossing all overboard, try and learn by those freely offering to help put the puzzle pieces in place, so that you see the big picture, then if not making sense, we’ll enough, perhaps some other time.
      Know that God’s adversary is blinding minds of believers, working overtime drawing our attention away from learning God’s truths.
      Scriptures told times we’re now living in would be just as they are, marking the end of these worldly kingdoms..
      It’s all in the teachings only for those wanting to learn, John 17:3
      Don’t give up hope, pray for understanding, for we have a Heavenly Father; Creator who loves all 1 Tim 2:4
      This is not a duplicate comment!

  6. Thank you for taking the time and energy to address these questions! As a Christian I came across this verse in 2 Chronicles 12:13 today in my daily reading and had some trouble making sense of its apparent contradiction to other scriptures.

    I don’t believe many of those asking questions will come back to read your responses but they have serviced me as I’m sure others well in out walk!

    God bless

    1. Ditto. Thank you for the encouragement and guidance you provide, Timothy. Please know that it doesn’t always fall on deaf ears, there are people listening and learning and being encouraged (like me). Your effort and zeal is encouraging, and I hope my comment can reciprocate some of that encouragement back to you. God bless you, brother, and stay strong doing God’s will.

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