Why hasn’t God healed me?

The Question: Why hasn’t God healed me? If God really loves me and cares for me, He would heal me, so why hasn’t He? Why do I suffer with my conditions day after day when there is supposedly a God who loves me and has the power to heal me but doesn’t.

This is a great question/issue surrounding God, religion and Christianity in general. Also one I’ve struggled with personally and probably most people have I would imagine. We all have experienced or know someone personally who has experienced physical trials be it disease or injury, not to mention psychological and emotional illnesses and traumas.

So, IF God is indeed good and loving, why then does He, having the power to make us well, not do so?

This question is quite similar to the ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?‘ question.

I have had my share of physical pain in my life, due to back, knee and shoulder injuries, a kidney that likes to produce excruciatingly painful stones, a poor digestive and immune system resulting in frequent illness and IBS type symptoms, severe migraines from when I was a teen up into my mid-twenties, severe acid-reflux, etc. Now I’m not saying this in a ‘I’ve suffered more than you’ type statement, I’m merely pointing out that throughout my life and in the present, I have had and do have a number of chronic, painful physical challenges that I deal with on a daily basis so I can certainly relate to those experiencing suffering in some form or another.

Now, I as a Christian, I believe God loves me and wants the best for my life. If that’s true, why would God allow me to suffer from these things? The knee and shoulder injuries I got from participating in rough sports and other activities I maybe shouldn’t have been doing, so those things are my own fault to an extent. However the migraines, kidney stones, IBS, back problems, etc. seem to be completely out of my control, so for those things in particular it only seems reasonable to expect God to heal me from them, right?

Well (and I think this is becoming my catch phrase), lets take a look at what the Bible actually says on this topic…

First off I’d go straight to Paul the Apostle in 2 Corinthians 12:6-10 where he talks about the ‘thorn in his flesh’ and how he pleaded with God three times to remove it (to heal him), but God refused. I go straight to this one because I think this is an exceptional example regarding this topic and really sheds a lot of light on it from a variety of angles.

Now, lets put this into perspective here. This is Paul, the man who God has given authority to cast out demons and heal all manner of sickness, injury and disease in the name of Jesus, even power to bring back people from the dead (Acts 20:7-12) but God doesn’t allow Paul himself to be healed… Seems crazy, right?

But what does God say to him, and what did Paul himself admit when he was making his account of this issue in 2 Corinthians 12:6-10? God tells Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” and Paul himself admits in verse 7 that, in order to keep from becoming conceited, he was given a thorn in his flesh.

So, what does that tell us about this particular instance of God not giving healing to someone, even one of his most faithful servants that He loved dearly? I believe it shows quite clearly, that this condition Paul was suffering from not only prevented Paul from falling into sin (conceit), but furthermore gave Paul more dependence on God, resulting in increased faith and a closer relationship with God. This weakness secured Paul’s realization that it’s God he needs to depend on, not himself; even after God granted him all these visions and revelations and knowledge and power on God’s behalf.

Paul goes further to say in verse 10, that he now delights in trials, sufferings, insults, persecutions, etc. for Christ’s sake, because he knows that when he himself is at his weakest, he is strongest in Christ.

There are a number of great articles that go further in depth about suffering and undergoing physical trials; here, here and here are just a couple.

Romans 5:3-5, James 1:2-4, 1 Peter 4:12-19, 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 and various other passages talk about suffering and trials and the benefits of enduring them and our responses to them as Christians.

One thing I think we need to realize as Christian’s is that if we have indeed decided to follow Christ, that means our bodies and minds are not ours any longer, but God’s. So with that knowledge, if God chooses to leave His body with a physical illness or injury, or subject His body to persecution or even destruction, then that is God’s choice and part of God’s plan and who are we to question it? I think many who call themselves ‘Christian’ and fall away after experiencing trials or difficulties fail to grasp this concept. Either you have committed your life to God or you have not. If you have, then trust that whatever God ‘lets’ happen to you is for His glory and your gain (benefit).

Now, to be clear I’m not saying you shouldn’t/couldn’t ask for God’s healing, as we certainly can and are instructed to in various areas in the Bible. I myself have experienced God’s healing in several areas on several different occasions, yet other areas He has left untouched… What I’m getting at here is, if, day after day, month after month, year after year, God still has let our issue remain with us, we need to accept that it’s God’s body to do with as He will and continue to serve Him as He directs us to regardless.

Dealing with pain sucks. It really does and there’s no way to sugar-coat that aspect of life. Doesn’t matter if it’s physical pain, emotional or psychological, it just isn’t enjoyable in the least. The question should be, are you willing to continue to serve God despite pain and trials you are experiencing or have or may experience?

I am very thankful God gave me my physical weaknesses, because without them I doubt I would have ended up walking with Him and where I am today. Not only that, I can say with certainty I’d be far more conceited and prideful than I am already (and I struggle with those things enough as it is!). So even in my own life, while I cringe to think of the next kidney stone episode I may experience, at the same time I’m more than willing to endure it if it improves my relationship with God or furthers His will in any way.

If He lets this body continue to suffer from kidney stones and back pain and whatever else, then I’ll trust in Him and know that regardless of what it may seem like to me at the time, that He has my best interests at heart and He will give me the strength to accomplish His will if I choose to listen to it and follow it regardless of how physically frail and weak my body is.



2 thoughts on “Why hasn’t God healed me?”

  1. Jesus healed ALL those who came to Him. We also know we don’t have to be a Christian to live with a debilitating condition and nobody needs grace (unmerited favour) to continue to suffer. Unbelievers do that every day.
    A physical malady in ourselves or a loved one often points to a Spiritual problem that isn’t being addressed such as unforgiveness. Or, there is a failure to grow or properly participate in the great commission.
    This gives license for our enemy to attack us, so we need to investigate the cause for our distress thru prayer and study and then obey the instructions in James 5 and receive our healing.
    This process can take days or months depending on what barriers in our thinking we need to overcome.
    Or, as the writer suggests, we can just live with it… It really is our choice to make.

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