What makes Christianity the true or right religion?

The Question: What makes Christianity the true or right religion? Or why should or would someone choose Christianity over all the other religions?

This is a popular question directed at Christian’s, usually as part of a: “Christianity is fine but it’s not the only thing out there, other things are fine too as long as they aren’t hurting anyone. Who are you to say you are ‘right’ and other’s are ‘wrong’? You are a bigot and need to learn to have an open mind and be accepting of others.” Type of statement or argument, or something similar to that.

Well first off (I feel like I constantly say this) lets go straight to what the Bible actually says about judging others; which in a nutshell is that as a Christian we are not to. So keeping in mind that it has nothing to do with being ‘accepting’ of others or judging or having an open mind, lets look at the actual question.

What makes Christianity the true or right religion? This question indicates for one, that there is a true or right religion. So we need to continue exploring the answer with the pretense that there are indeed false religions and that there is one true religion.

Before we proceed though let me just touch briefly on that, as a common belief in society today is one of tolerance and acceptance of anything (anything not too extreme that is), and that everything is okay (unless it’s too extreme) and as such there isn’t ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ religion or spiritual belief, etc.

This site has a good, brief explanation of why there is one true and other false religions. Without going too much in depth, the bottom line here is that every religion cannot be ‘true’ because they contradict one another. If you believe in subjective truth and morality then there really isn’t any point in proceeding further as that would mean there isn’t any real truth or morality to begin with so nothing really matters. On that note, there are a number of good articles and videos about subjective morality and why it doesn’t make sense: here, here and here to list a few.

But lets continue with the knowledge that truth is not subjective, but is absolute. If truth is absolute, then as mentioned previously there cannot be multiple ‘true’ religions (unless we are talking about the same ‘religion’ that may be known by different people under a different name). So what makes Christianity (by Christianity we are talking about the God of the Bible and His followers) the ‘true’ religion vs. all the others?

Dr. Ravi Zacharias has some excellent thoughts on this topic, here is a part of one of his conferences where he addresses this question. He mentions that all religions must be judged as truthful (empirically or through logical reasoning) based on origin, meaning, morality and destiny, and that all those four areas must correspond with each other and be coherent. Christianity is the only religion where this happens. Here, here and here are articles that explain and discuss Dr. Zacharias’s thoughts about the four areas a bit further which I found easier than the video to comprehend.

Here is another clip from Dr. Ravi Zacharias that goes a bit more in depth about why Christianity is true. Essentially there are a number areas that prove the God of the Bible is real and true. This article also talks about the reasons ‘why’ the Christian religion based on the Bible is true whereas other’s are not.

However, regardless of how many things point to God and the Bible as being ‘true’, it really doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, it’s the individual person that has to accept these truths or reject them. This falls in line with the It Cannot Be Proven God Exists argument.

While there is certainly evidence and reason to believe in God, and to show that Christianity is true in comparison to other religions, at the end of the day it is still faith by some measure in God and the Bible. I’ve put my trust in God and have never looked back or thought I’ve made a mistake by doing so. My faith isn’t blind, I’ve personally experienced God’s love and hand on my life, I’ve seen Him work in the lives of others around me, and I know He will continue to do so. Christianity isn’t just another ‘religion’, it’s not about following rules or getting into heaven or being a ‘good’ person, it is a life altering commitment to truth and a God that loves us.



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