‘Big Bang’ and/or Evolution Theories.

The Argument: I have a one word response to Christianity: Evolution. Or, two words: Big Bang.

Three word response: Does not matter. 

It really, really doesn’t matter if you take a moment to actually think about it.

Every single theory, and they are exactly that, theories, of evolution or the ‘big bang’ have never been proven. Every time there is some major breakthrough discovery that ‘proves’ without any doubt we were brought into being through evolution or the ‘big bag’, it is disproven shortly thereafter and/or remains unproven. I’m not talking about people saying it’s not true, I’m talking about it being scientifically disproven or the ‘proof’ turns out to not be proof at all and the theory remains a theory.

Furthermore, saying evolution or the ‘big bang’ proves God doesn’t exist is extremely foolish and ignorant, both on a scientific level and a theological level. I say that because even if a ‘big bang’ scenario ever was proven, how can you prove it wasn’t God who brought about that ‘bang’? And how could it be proven God didn’t create creatures that evolve at least to some extent.

Now I’m not saying that I believe human’s evolved from single celled organisms as that just seems preposterous to me on a scientific level, but I think all creatures ‘evolve’ in some ways to adapt to changing environments on some level.

Look at the complexity of our DNA and even a single part of the human body like the eye. Everything from a scientific standpoint indicates intelligent design, not random evolution. I have a really hard time understanding how so many people think we were a result of billions of years of evolution when there is virtually no scientific data supporting that theory. People say Christian’s are ‘crazy’ for believing in God, when even discarding all else and only looking at it from a scientific standpoint, the evidence points to intelligent design, not evolution…

Now I’m not saying I believe in God because of scientific proof however. I’m only pointing out that even from our limited understanding of science it’s more ridiculous to make the claim that we are a result of evolution than it is to believe in a God that created everything. Saying that science proves against God and the Bible is just not true.

Scientifically speaking, we as humans know SO LITTLE about the earth and the universe it boggles my mind how anyone could be so foolish as to make a claim along the lines of ‘there is no God’. That statement is right up there with ‘the world is flat’ and notions that drinking water from lead pipes is a good idea. Things which not so many years ago were scientific ‘fact’ and commonly accepted practice.

We look back on it now and think, “Those idiots, how could they be so stupid.” In 10, 20, 50 or 100 more years, do you really think people are not going to look back at us and think the same “How were they so stupid?” thoughts? I mean seriously, up until a while ago it was scientific fact that there was nothing smaller than an atom. Then, ‘oops’ we broke it apart and found even tinier stuff inside… We as people love to think we are really knowledgeable and intelligent and are in control, when in reality we are like blind children stumbling around a world we can’t even begin to understand.

The fact is, to say God doesn’t exist would mean that the issuer of that statement would have to possess all knowledge throughout all time: past, present and future, which just isn’t possible. No one can make that statement with any basis of truth or valid reasoning.



This question I think goes hand in hand with the ‘It cannot be proven God exists‘ argument as well.

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