Dinosaurs prove the Bible is not true.

The Argument: Dinosaurs!

What about them?

The Argument (Continued): How do you explain them? They couldn’t’ fit on the Ark right? The Bible says two of every creature were on the Ark. Did it lie? If so what else in it is a lie? Dinosaurs cannot exist in a biblically true world, therefore the Bible is not true, therefore God is not real. Dinosaurs prove the Bible is not true.

This is another sort of scientifically and theologically weak argument if you really think about it.

If you google ‘could dinosaurs be on the ark’ you will find a lot of scientific responses that explain it is indeed possible for dinosaurs to be on the ark. A really, really simple answer to this is that they could have been adolescent or young dinosaurs. Nowhere does it say in the Bible the animals were full-grown adults…

Additionally, just because we find large bones doesn’t mean they actually belonged to any existing creature right? What if God just planted a ton of bones around for fun to mess with us? He does have a sense of humor after all.

Ultimately, unless you or anyone making the ‘Dinosaurs prove the Bible isn’t true and therefore God doesn’t exist.’ statement possess all knowledge throughout all time you are not making that statement with any basis of truth or valid reasoning. It just brings us back to the ‘It cannot be proven that God exists or doesn’t exist’ topic.




2 thoughts on “Dinosaurs prove the Bible is not true.”

  1. Religious truths and scientific truths should just be kept separate. Then, they can be true to anyone, even if beliefs conflict!

    1. Thanks for your comments Janice, I appreciate it.

      You would have to extrapolate on what you mean by ‘religious truths’ for me to understand better what it is you are saying, however, I’d argue that truth is not relative as many seem to believe in our ‘modern’ society.

      Truth is truth, be it ‘religious’ or ‘scientific’. The Bible does not indicate in any form that I can see that truth is relative or open to any opinion or interpretation. The truth is the truth. People can ‘claim’ science and faith in God conflict, however that doesn’t mean it’s the truth… Everything that I can see and understand regarding science and God coincides, it doesn’t conflict at all, nor should it. God created everything after all including the laws of physics and science (if we believe the Bible that is), so why would we say scientifically God/faith doesn’t line up when it most surely has too if we believe the Bible is true and God is indeed God? Trying to settle on a ‘science is separate from God’ ideal to me is equal to limiting God which I believe to be wrong.

      I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on the subject though, science vs. God is one of my favorite topics!

      – Timothy

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