What do you believe?

The Question: What do you believe?

That’s a good question.

I believe first off that there is a God.

I believe in good and evil, not in subjective morality. I believe the world and everything in it was created by God who is good, and that we as humans were created and given free will, and we choose to separate ourselves from God by doing evil. I believe God sent his son to sacrifice himself to bridge that gap we created and give us a chance to make things right with Him again; and that we must accept that sacrifice. I believe God loves us as parents love their children, and that we are called to love one another despite differences and disagreements.

I believe God has instructions on how to follow him and live fulfilled lives on this earth and that he passed on those instructions to his disciples who recorded them in books and letters that were compiled together and form what we now refer to as the Bible. I believe that by reading and studying this book we can learn about God and his will for us and his direction for our lives. I believe the Bible is true and accurate and that it is God’s word passed down to us as humans.

I believe God wants a personal and intimate relationship with each of us, not a distanced, arms-length, aware-but-un-involved relationship. I believe ‘acknowledging God’s existence’ and ‘believing in God‘ are two different things. 

I believe God has a plan and purpose for each of our lives and that trying to do His will instead of our own brings about real peace and contentment, as has been my personal experience with God. That experience is also part of the reason why I believe in God.

And that, in the shell of a nut, is what I believe in.



This is one of the most basic and I think common questions we as Christians get asked, and unfortunately one many Christians are not prepared to answer.

Full disclosure, I make NO claims that I know everything, in fact I’d claim the extreme opposite. I may make mistakes in my theology and reasoning and I may misunderstand some biblical references and draw false conclusions, so bear that in mind. This is detailing my personal responses and beliefs and views as I currently understand them. I am not claiming authority on God’s behalf. I’m human, I make mistakes, there may be things in here that are not correct. Please keep that in mind.

I welcome any feedback and correction.

5 thoughts on “What do you believe?”

  1. I want more. Need, more.

    I love reading your thoughts and beliefs. I, myself, am a baby Christian, reborn only six months ago, but I can’t get enough. (36y/o)

    I love that God is good. I believed in love my whole life and now I know where good comes from and am ecstatic to know, more love, better love, is still to come.

    The “more” I need is the bible question eating away at my heart and soul…

    Is it possible, that the great deceiver wrote the Bible?

    Fact: When I read the bible my life is better. I feel good. When I read out loud I feel great discomfort that I attribute to a squirmy evil hiding within.

    Question: Is it possible the great deceiver wrote a hand book to separate the children of God? I know the bible can be proven historically, but I am not questioning it’s truths. I am, however, very confused on how a God who is love and good is capable of segregation, stoning, wars, laws, directions, etc. The bible is every Christians reference to God. What if God is not inside of a book? What if, the devil saw an opportunity to mimic God, all the while teaching us little loop holes to separate, justify and ultimately deceive?

    I feel love and good in my heart. So why, can I not kill a mosquito but God can slaughter thousands/millions who don’t worship him? That sounds different than the love I hold in my heart.

    That being said, my question is extremely important to my soul. I do not question God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit at all. My fear is the devil is trying to find a way to feed doubt/deception. I need to win this.

    Every one has been feeding me the same responses…

    “The devil will make you doubt the word of God.” That is not an adequate response. The devil is obviously smart enough to quote God incorrectly. And my heart tells me God is not jealous, even though the Bible contradicts this. Also I find that answer to only be the perfect response, from the devils hiss.

    I have also had history buffs try to get me to understand that the events of the bible are proven. Again, I do not doubt such things.

    Another common response is that it is common for people to need a “sign”or “proof” of God. But I feel this is exactly my point. It seems this response concludes that God doesn’t want us to question him, …so he wrote a book to answer all the questions? That doesn’t even make any since at all.

    The fourth common response I have received is those using bible references to prove the bible is from God. I understand the complication here. Most people seem to only know God through the Bible. Which concerns me most. God doesn’t seem to want us to know anything but faith and love. But we can’t know Him because we only except Him through found scrolls we now call the Bible.

    The God I can’t support is one who kills any who won’t worship him.

    I believe in God. I believe He is love. So how can I worship a book that has all these loop holes for murder, laws and so on and so forth?

    If there is even a slight possibility that Satan has a hand in this scroll collection, why do I feel wonderful after I spend time in the good book?

    I need for love and good to be salvation. My heart bleeds when I hear pastor say only Christians get to find salvation. The bible clearly supports this thought. Where in lies my concern. I want all who are not evil to find Heaven. Further more I want all evil to be forgiven and shown the righteous way. Every one I ever met who was evil, was fed evil first. I want them to be loved.

    I’m sorry about the enormity of this challenge. However, I’m not. I find your answers to be well worded, researched and heart felt. I was sent to your web site when a church family member was unable to answer my continuous questions due to work restraints (she was working) she sent me a link here. I’m very glad she did so.

    So here we are.

    Thank you, for your willingness to help bridge the gap between Christ and man kind. I value your opinion and am proud of the nerve it took to do what you are doing. God is good, this I do not doubt. I thank you for helping others to find this truth.

    1. Working on an article to address your questions Cassandra! Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it.

      – Timothy

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