What does it mean to believe in God?

The Question: What does it mean to believe?

When I say I ‘believe in God’, I mean more than simply acknowledging God’s existence.

‘Believing’ to me when used in the context of ‘I Believe in God’ means that instead of focusing my life around what I personally want to do and trying (and failing) to make myself happy, I base my life around my relationship with God and attempting to follow what I believe His will is instead of mine.

It means I have faith that He knows best and I acknowledge I need His presence, companionship and guidance in my life. It means I try to pattern my life after Jesus and that I’ve accepted and believe in the sacrifice Jesus made for me in payment for the sin which separated man from God all those years ago.

This could be a much longer and in-depth discussion about semantics and doctrine (about what I believe), but that is essentially the basis of what I mean when I say, “I believe in God.” I’m not just saying I think He is real or believe in His existence. I’m saying I believe in living for God and everything that entails to the best of my understanding and ability.



This is another basic question I feel many Christians are not ready to answer, yet it should be one of the ones we are most ready and capable of answering.

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